Tuesday, 26 October 2010

An opening for the balcony door

My boyfriend's nephew, who is a mason in Wisconsin, came out for the weekend to do some brickwork and turn a couple of windows into doors for us. This is the new opening he made in the front of the building for the balcony door:

He's coming out again in two weeks to cut the last door (the door onto the fire escape from the third floor master bedroom).

Notice anything different about these photos? Yup, they have new windows in them. We got rid of the horrible white vinyl one-over-ones and replaced them with two-over-two wood interior, black aluminum-clad exterior Marvins. We debated making this change for quite a while because the old ones were brand new and, since there are about 50 windows in the building, it was a very expensive proposition but I am so glad we went for it: the RBB looks a million times better.

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