Sunday, 15 January 2012

Catching up with Christmas photos

Hello and please pardon my long-ish absence.  Many factors contributed:  1) I got married in December, 2) had a house guest for several days before Christmas, 3) Christmas, 4) I needed a break from working on the red brick building and 5) the pace of tasks being completed has slowed and as of the day before Christmas, I no longer have "company" here every day.  (Best. Christmas. Present. Ever!.)
I do want to post the photos I promised of the Christmas decorations in place on the RBB's facade.  I hope you enjoy them, even if we are past the season.  (I'm now trying to decide when to take them down.)

I also did a display of white impatiens and azaleas in birch bark cachepots, just inside the building's front door.  Unfortunately, we've been having problems with our heating (don't ask) and I had to move them to a warmer spot after a couple of weeks.   Before the move:

Amazingly, they're all still going just as strong in the living room and kitchen as the day I brought them home from the garden center nearly two months ago.  Really happy with the bang for my bucks and planning a variation on the theme next year.

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