Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Before and After: Wingback Chair

I had my husband's grandmother's wingback chair sent out to be reupholstered.  I cannot believe how quickly they turned it around: two weeks, including pick up and delivery.  In Renovation Years that's barely the time between breaths.  I'm so impressed.

Here's the before and after.  Disclaimer: I had absolutely nothing to do with the previous choice of upholstery fabric and the chair is a sentimental object to my husband, so it had to stay - awkward proportions and all.  Please forgive the flash, which distorts the colors of the fabric so they seem really different.  They're not: the first two flash-less photos are the color-accurate ones.

I'm happy overall with how it turned out and it's certainly light years better than it was.  Doing it again, I think I'd make the horizontal strip that wraps around the loose cushion leather and keep the arms completely mohair - I'm not sure I like the leather on the arms.  Also, do I need to ask for softer foam in the loose cushion.  It is WAY firmer than before - pretty much rigid actually.  Hopefully a simple fix.  Oh, and maybe a loose stitch at each corner of the skirt - the bulkiness of the doubled-over fabric seems a bit poofy.

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