Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Recent awesomeness

I've been coming across a lot of eye candy lately.  Like this from James Van Sweden's "The Artful Garden", which I read this week:

The bronze snake is a handrail for the pool.  Insane!

This shot make me happy too.  It feels wonderfully tranquil, though I like to be barefoot in a garden and just the thought of pebbles makes my toes cringe:

I'm sure there are other ways to use the idea of contrasting these materials and deploying that smashing color palette.

This week I also devoured Robert Malett's "Envisioning the Garden", which I preferred to the van Sweden (van Sweden's tone and modernism irk).  How evocative is this shot?

Later on I was flipping through the new Anthropologie catalogue and hit this:

Bam!  Are those baseboards crazy or what?  Who'd a thunk of scalloped skirting?  Gaudi, apparently.

I've been fantasizing about adding a (very) small reflecting pool to the roof garden.  I'd had a quatrefoil shape in mind, but stumbled across this undoubtedly priceless work of ceramic art last week:

Then I saw this reasonably-priced version (24" diameter and $275 for the small) today on Burke Decor:

I'd want to sink the vessel into the ground though, so I might be able to find something even more economical (and with a wider flat lip, since that's the part you're going to see).  First time on that site though; they have some fun stuff.


  1. Speaking of eye candy, I must say I find your entire blog eye candyish. Love the idea of a reflecting pool - water features within a garden can ad such interest especially when there is movement.
    Had never come across scalloped baseboards before - first thought it was the elegant ensemble that had caught your eye. Lots of curves in these recent awesomeness finds.

  2. Hi Vera,
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I'm a big fan of curved lines - interesting how clearly that comes across!