Wednesday, 29 December 2010

HVAC is 50% in and we have electricity

The big news of the past 2 weeks has been the arrival of the HVAC subcontractor and his crew.  So far, they've put in about half of the equipment and ductwork.  I never thought I'd be so happy to see the beginnings of a utility room and these kinds of boring basement "bits".

Also, the carpenters have been putting in more of the basement walls.  Here's what our basement looked like when work stopped for Christmas: 

Quite chaotic with all the 2 by 4s.  One big change has come from seeing the rooms carved up down there.  We've decided to make the two bedroom unit a one bedroom instead.  It just looked too tiny and cramped with the two bedrooms and their closets roughed in.  Hard to imagine getting beds into the rooms and, with rooms that size, I can't imagine attracting any tenants other than kids just out of college.  Definitely not our target demographic.  So we're going to merge the two bedrooms into one and settle maybe for slightly less rent, but hopefully end up with someone more responsible and quieter - key, since we'll be living above them.

We were on-site today to meet with our bank's representative who evaluates the progress in order to direct them how much of our construction loan to disburse.  This is our first "draw" from that loan since we began the project a year and a half ago (we've been paying everything out of pocket).

While there, the NSTAR guys and police detail showed up to dig up the street and bring in our electric service.  Hooray!  That will be our third and final dig of the street and will give us the full complement of utilities in the building.  The sprinkler guy is the next utility to begin piping (after the HVAC), then it's the plumber and, last, the electrician. 

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