Wednesday, 8 December 2010

We have a basement subfloor! And some kitchen framing

 I stopped by the building today since it sounded over the phone like there had been some progress at the RBB yesterday, particularly with the pouring of the basement subfloor.  When I arrived, yes, the concrete sub had come and gone, leaving us with a gorgeous smooth, *clean* basement floor!  It's very exciting to get to this stage after about 6 months of waiting. 

(In fairness, not for the concrete subcontractor but for the utility companies to dig up the street and bring in the necessary pipes.  So far we have water/sewer/sprinkler and gas but are still waiting for the electricity company to get their act together, which doesn't require that we hold off on the concrete.)

On Friday, our GC's crew of carpenters roughed in the kitchen framing in one of the tenant's units.  The last photo above shows the staircase the view down into the basement from the top of the staircase that tucks behind the unit's kitchen.  Here's the current state of affairs on the upper level of that unit:

The platform that wraps around the staircase is where the open concept kitchen is going to be.  The rest of the space is living room.  The random four panel door in the photo is for the unit's second means of egress, which is from the platform that's 3/4 of the way down the staircase out onto the (sloping) street.

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