Saturday, 27 November 2010

The headhouse windows are framed

Our carpenters have finalized the last of headhouse framing...a couple of the window and door sizes needed to be tweaked last-minute but here's what it looks like now.

If you look carefully in the photo above, you can see the line of brick that ends about halfway up the headhouse's back wall.  That's as far as our mason got last weekend but he's back again this weekend to try to finish the job.   Then we can dismantle and return the rented metal staging.  We're thinking he'll come back in the late winter or early spring to lay the brick face on the headhouse's other walls and do some smaller odd masonry jobs.

 The windows for the headhouse have been ordered and the countdown begins until they (and the skylight) arrive.  Seeing them (maybe even in place!) would be an awesome Christmas or New Year's present.

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  1. That would be a great holiday gift! Good luck and thanks for stopping by!