Thursday, 18 November 2010

New art from the MFA School Sale

 One of my favorite places to buy art in Boston is at the annual MFA School Sale.  It's a good venue to find a nice cross-section of reasonably-priced work and you can feel good about spending because proceeds go towards the school.  Also, because I bought my first ever original artwork there, it has a particularly warm in my heart.  I always mark the date of the sale on my calendar a couple of months in advance and then eagerly look forward to going and seeing what they've got.   I do find that you have to get there as soon as the event opens on the first day of the sale, though, because stuff tends to sell fast.  It's a bit chaotic, with everyone milling around the flip have to be both patient and assertive in order to make sure you get your turn.

I bought a large (22 x 30 inch) chalk pastel drawing called "Into the Clouds".  Please forgive the lousy photos: I didn't want to take the shrink wrap off before I take it to the framers and the shiny plastic made it hard to get a good shot.

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