Thursday, 18 November 2010

New roof waterproofing and concrete block walls

Here's the fruit of last weekend's labor.  We had my boyfriend's nephew out to Boston again to build the back wall of our headhouse, repair damages to the top of the back wall of the third story and build up/even off the rear parapet wall.  In order to keep him working as fast as he could, my boyfriend and I did all the unskilled labor parts of the project.  Carrying concrete blocks, buckets of water and 50-100lb bags of sand, lime and cement up four flights of stairs, mixing seemingly endless buckets of mud and grout, cleaning old bricks for reuse, filling the holes in some of the blocks with grout so they are solid enough to be drilled into, and repointing block and brick.  We were utterly exhausted and incredibly sore by Sunday night.  Luckily it didn't rain and on Saturday we even had beautiful sunny weather in the low 60s, so it was actually really pleasant to be working outside on the roof.  

While we worked inside the headhouse, the roofing guys applied the waterproof barrier.  This is the crucial layer that will keep all the rain, melting snow, and run-off from the garden sprinkler system from seeping through the rafters and into the house.  (Notice the tidy level plywood cap that our general contractor had his crew build quickly so that when the roofers come back to apply the black aluminum cap to the top of the parapet wall, it will have a smooth underlayment.)

Also while we worked, our neighbor's crew rebuilt his 6 foot high wall with concrete block, obliterating the harbor view we've had for the past 8 months from our bedroom level.  Now that they're done we are left with a lovely view of cinder blocks from our upstairs hallway and bathroom.  Thanks, guy.

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