Sunday, 7 November 2010

The best mason in the entire world

My boyfriend's nephew, the master mason who lives in Wisconsin, came to Boston again for the weekend to help us with our brickwork.  It's amazing how much he got done over the course of two (very, very) full days.  He re-pointed all the bricks on the top of the back side of our building, which our neighbor is about to cover when he rebuilds the 6 foot tall wall that used to be on the top of his building.  I wish I had some before photos, but just picture a really snaggly wall with loose bricks, missing mortar, white gluey deposits, etc.  Now it's all purty:

Didn't he do an incredible job?!  What a peach!

He also built up part of the parapet wall that was lower than another part to level the base on which our garden room's walls will be built.  He used block because it's quicker, but the garden room will ultimately be faced in brick.

 Lastly, he had time to start cutting the opening for the last new door: the one from our third floor (master bedroom) onto the fire escape.

We feel so incredibly lucky to have him willing and able to help, 'cause it's really hard to find a good mason in Boston.

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