Monday, 4 April 2011

Door knobs

I paid my fourth visit of the project to the hardware showroom where I plan to buy all the door hardware for the red brick building.  This time, the task was to put together a list of all the knobs and pocket door pulls we'll need in the building. 

We got a fair way down the path, though I need to follow up with photos of all the doors we already have that have existing hardware (there are 5 of those).  We are also going to hold off for a while on the specifics of the entry set for our unit, since it's ultra-complex.  Based on our discussion, the sales guy is putting together an estimate this week. 

For the majority of the interior doors, I'm looking at this knob and finish from Baldwin, but with a 5" plain beveled rectangular backplate, instead of the (fussy) round rope twist one below.

 For the main front door to the building, I'm eyeing this uber-pricey set from Rocky Mountain Hardware, finish TBD, but likely also oil-rubbed bronze.

I really wish all the knobs could be from Rocky Mountain Hardware, or at least, all the ones in our unit.  They feel amazing in the hand - wonderful, substantial and solid.

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