Thursday, 7 April 2011

Making the order sheet for trim

I've been putting together a spreadsheet so that I can order all the red brick building's trim.  I want to get it done by week's end since we're going to be traveling for the next ten days.  As of yesterday evening, the spreadsheet is complete, with the exception of needing to check the look of the proposed crown molding on the second floor.  It's going to be built up from two separate pieces, one wood and hopefully, one plaster.  The plaster sample is supposed to be ready for pick-up tomorrow.  It's very ornate, so I want to make sure it doesn't look too crazy alongside to very plain wood component.

 Here's what I've got for the crown:

It's 6 1/2".  Since the ceilings on that floor are 9 1/2', the plan is to supplement it with a strip of this 4" plaster:

I'm obsessed with the totally gorgeous plaster so fingers crossed that it looks good with the simple cove.  (We were in Dublin last week and the hotel we stayed in had the most ridiculously high ceilings, combined with wonderful, intricate plasterwork that reignited my love of plaster trim.)

This is the design that the baseboard cap is based on:

The millwork carpenter who is doing the work is going to modify it slightly, as shown below, since it's bigger than a normal cap and would be and would look out of proportion with the flat stock that's being mounted beneath it.

The taller version is for the second floor, with its higher ceiling, and the shorter version is for all the other floors, which have slightly lower ceilings.

The window and door trim is based on the salvaged wood we found over a year ago, when we bought the salvaged exterior door and the entry doors to each of the units.

It's 5 1/2", which should work well on the second floor.  The millwork shop is going to make a 4 1/2" version for the other floors.  I wanted something substantial and dramatic to frame the windows, especially because there isn't much room above them on any floor except the second.  Rather than go with small window casing and a small crown, I'm going with generous casing and no crown.   No idea whether that's the right call, but we'll see.

Finally, there are going to be rosettes where the sides and top of the windows (and doors) meet.  I want to use these plaster rosettes (the first is slightly smaller than the second, to match the two different widths of window and door trim), mounted on plain square wood blocks. 

Breathtaking, no? And surprisingly, slightly cheaper than the completely plain stock wood rosettes. 


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