Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Clematis 'Paul Farges'

My clematis 'Paul Farges' burst into flower while I was out of town last weekend. 

I'm amazed at how quickly it has grown and by how many flowers and buds it's producing:  I planted it just two months ago.

The rest of the garden is hanging in, even though I haven't been spending much time grooming it.  Some of the plants have grown enough to start crowding out others.  The three stubbornly minuscule 'Brigg's Moonlight' daphnes are among the victims.  I moved and divided two artemesia 'Silver Brocade' late last week.  They had completely overgrown part of the brick path so you couldn't walk by on it anymore.  The annuals are also going a bit crazy: sweet peas and euphorbia especially.  I might move one or two of the euphorbias downstairs to the balcony planters, which haven't been fairing well.

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