Sunday, 16 September 2012

3 Prettiest Things: Mid-September

 I've been exclaiming over my white 'Immortality' irises all week.  They're blooming for the second time since I planted them and I am beyond excited to see these spring favorites again in early fall.  I love their wide blue-green leaves.

Also looking amazing is my sweet autumn clematis:

It's all over the iron railing, is smothering the top of the parapet wall and is starting to spill over the front facade of the red brick building.  It's the first roof garden plant that you can see from street level.  Rock star!

My third favorite plant right now are my 'Honorine Jobert' anemones.

They've been blooming for a couple of weeks now and are going strong.  The shape of the flowers is so pretty - I especially like their orange anthers - but the petals and stems also seem quite sturdy.  I have five plants and am looking forward to finding out how much they grow from season to season.  Then I'll be able to give in to my temptation to cut some of them for indoors without diminishing the display in the garden.  (They have lots of buds but the flowers only seem to open a few at a time.)


  1. You certainly make a case for a white garden! Lovely choices.

  2. Thanks Vera! It's nice to "see" you.