Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fall 2012 Plant Order for the Roof Garden, Part 2

Consider this the "vines" edition. 

For the shady brick wall near the arbor and chaise lounges, I chose decumera barbara (Wood Vamp), a native version of climbing hydreangea:

It flowers white in the spring and is self-clinging, so it will be one less vine to train.

I also chose a pair of clematis to try to soften the same wall: clematis montana grandiflora, which tolerates shade

and clematis 'Candida':

(I had wanted 'Henryi' but it was sold out.)

For sun, since 'Mint Crisp' hasn't flowered this year and I'm getting impatient for the scent of honeysuckle, I bought a second honeysuckle Lonicera japonica 'Aureoreticulata':

Again, it was a back-up choice, after a honeysuckle named "Sweet Sue", which was sold out.  I have a suspicion that the variegated foliage might make 'Aureoreticulata' a better choice for me anyway.

I also ordered a golden hops vine (humulus lupulus 'Aureus') for it's vivid foliage and larger leaf size:

I want the climbers on the left hand side of the garden to lend a little more interest from their leaves.

And I decided to roll the dice and order 3 Clematis cirrhosa, which are evergreen winter-blooming clematis that are marginally hardy in my zone:

So delicate and pretty!  I might plant two in the garden and keep one indoors.  I'm worried they won't make it but find the possibility of flowers in the dead of winter much too tempting to resist.

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