Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Electrical layouts

This morning we spent two hours walking through the red brick building with the electrician to further solidify and specify the electrical layouts.  (We of course had to submit electrical plans to the city before they issued our building permit and we also had a long-ish meeting with the electrician at the architects' office to go over things around the time we hired him.)  Needless to say, two hours were not long enough to finish the entire building.  We did our whole unit but stopped before doing the tenants' units because it was freaking freezing in the RBB.  Hopefully another hour should do for the tenants' spaces, since they're smaller and less complex.

So no, we still don't have the two last doors in and no, the gas heat isn't on yet.  With regards the doors, I got a call yesterday telling me they were missing some frame expanders that they need in order to do the installation.  I ordered the expanders, which we'll hopefully have those by Friday.  In terms of the gas, the company did come to turn it on, but the plumbers hadn't done something they were supposed to do, so the gas company made a wasted trip.  Grrrrr to the plumbers.

Other than making the red brick building super-cold, this might not matter all that much since we got an email this morning from the wood flooring installer telling us that the hardwood floors - which, oh by the way, should have been delivered by now - aren't going to be here for at least three more weeks because the mill they were coming from went out of business.  Really.  And now the installer needs to source our wood from somewhere else.  All I can say is that we'd better get it for the same price, if we have to swallow this delay.

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