Monday, 7 March 2011

Progress on the rough work in the master bathroom

A couple of changes to the look of the master bathroom:  Prettiest, I think, are the two copper pans (one for the tub, one for the shower) that have been installed on the floor. 

They are, of course, going to be covered up with tile and are there for waterproofing rather than for aesthetic reasons.

One of our carpenters also built the framing for the hot and cold water taps and the tub filler.  You can see it, above, in front of the window with the thin white PVC lines run for hot and cold.

Finally, the thermostatic and volume control valves arrived for the shower after a two and a half week wait, so our plumber was able to install those:

Next up in the master bathroom, we need to agree on a sketch of the vanity area so it can be framed.

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