Thursday, 10 March 2011

Roof garden inspiration

Yesterday we met off-site with a green roof company that we're thinking about hiring to install the drainage layer, drip irrigation system, soil and some of the hardscape for the roof garden.  They asked me to send them some images to convey what I hope our roof garden will look like.  I thought I'd share.

 This picture sums it up in a nutshell.  The only thing it's missing is an abundance of flowers and specifically of white flowers, since I intend for all of them to be that color.  Savannah, Georgia, comes closest to my garden ideal: a certain European formality overtaken by lushness and wild disorder.  The most important element in the red brick building's garden, I think, will be rampaging climbing plants, spilling over the parapet wall and iron railing, climbing up the brick wall of the headhouse and helping (along with some architectural elements) to camouflage the wall of our neighbors' building.  The level of green below is out of the question because we won't have enough soil depth to sustain plants of that size, but it certainly conveys the right feel:

Here are some climbers with the kind of form and vigor that I imagine:

We'll probably need to plant any dwarf fruit trees in pots scattered through the landscape, like so:

I imagine the garden paths to be made of stepping stones leading across a carpet of vegetation:

For frustrating drainage reasons, the patio needs to be made of a solid surface.  I'd much rather have this:

Or even something suspended over still water, like this:

Instead, I think this is the best we can hope for (sigh!):

The steps leading from the patio up into the garden would look gorgeous planted with groundcover, like these:

 In terms of outdoor furniture, I picture a high-top dining area.  This is my favorite outdoor bar table right now:

And for lounging in the garden, I'd like a daybed, probably an iron one with a canopy, so that shade-loving groundcover can grow beneath it and climbers can be trained up the posts and over the canopy to provide dappled shade:

I'm off to another meeting with the green roof company again right now, this time on site at the red brick building.  Wish me luck!

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