Thursday, 29 September 2011

A first look at the kitchen island and shelves

Our cabinetmaker dropped off the kitchen island and shelves on Tuesday.  Here's a first look at the base of the island:

Obviously, it still needs its pull-out shelves, its electrical outlets and the wood countertop that will be wrapped in copper.  The carcass looks good, though, and it's nice to see our old ceiling joists re-purposed.  For reference, it's five feet long, which my fiance was worried would look massive in the space but which turns out to feel just right.  I'm not a fan of big, dominant kitchen islands. I like the idea of more counter space but I want it to blend in with the rest of the room like any other piece of furniture, not commandeer all the attention is the space.

Here's a photo of the pantry, where they started installing the shelves.  You can see where the rest of the pantry's shelves are destined to go if you look at the little unstained wood strips (including the one that's half fallen down).

Ultimately, the pantry is going to have a curtain to close it off, rather than doors.  (Softer/warmer and potentially more opulent, I'm hoping.)  Here's a look at the open shelving to the right of the range hood (the area to the left of the range - with the painted exposed brick - will be left completely open.  I might hang some art there):

The cabinetmaker is supposed to do some more installation work tomorrow, though his part won't be completed until next week.  Then the copper worker comes in to wrap the tops, so we still have a way to go!  I'm most excited to see what the pull-out shelves look like - and to put the wicker baskets on them.  I hope it's cleanly and elegantly executed and think it will be, having seen the quality of the rest of the work.

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