Tuesday, 13 September 2011

We got our Certificate of Occupancy!

I can hardly believe it has happened but this afternoon the City granted us our certificate of occupancy!!!!!!  That means all the inspectors (fire safety, life safety, plumbing, electrical, building) have signed off that our building is safe and complete and habitable!  So no more hoops to jump through in terms of satisfying regulations and we're able to move in whenever we like and rent out the apartments just as soon as they're finished.  More importantly, we're out of the limbo we've been in with the bank since June 15th when our loan with them expired.  They wouldn't issue the new loan until the building had a new status (the C of O) since the new loan is a different kind.   Essentially we've been running on their good grace for 3 months. 

We have had so many last minute hitches and problems the past couple of weeks on the way to the C of O: not a single one of the inspectors passed us on his first visit and several wanted us to change things that seemed impossible at this late date and stage.  Worse was that a few were difficult to get in touch with to schedule for a return visit - and they have to come in a specific order, so you can't move on and come back to meet with an earlier inspector his schedule is booked.  Anyway, we did it...we made it...and I am so incredibly relieved!

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