Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tile in the guest bathroom

Despite my sparse posting, work continues in the red brick building.  Mainly it involves things being tweaked, so there hasn't been much worth photographing.  But one exciting development is that the tile arrived for the guest bathroom bathtub area and it's in the process of being installed.  Here's a peek:

As you can see, the wall by the window needs to be finished.  The edge of the tub deck also needs to be done.  Then everything gets grouted (white).  The tub skirt is going to be a wood panel with molding, since we need a removable access panel in case there's ever a problem with the airjet tub's motor.  You can glimpse in the corner of the first photo of the arch over the tub, which was recently built and which now needs to be plastered and painted.

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