Friday, 13 April 2012

The bed is here and our first plant arrivals

Our queen sized custom upholstered bed was delivered yesterday, exactly as promised.   I'm so excited to have something to lean back against while reading in bed.  Doesn't it look sweet?

The lower headboard totally saves the view out that window.  I want to give a big shout out to, a website that connects customers with makers.  That's how I found the company that made the bed for me.  What a great resource for interior designers, especially smaller scale ones!  If I had a famous blog that design people read, as opposed to one that only my Dad reads (thank you for the support, Dad!), I'd definitely tell them to check CustomMade out.

In other news, I have been twitchy about getting my hands on actual plants.  I bought a bunch at our big local nursery on Tuesday and they're hanging out under the skylight in our shower now, waiting until the workers vacate Monday evening so I can move them up to the sunroom.  Aren't they adorable?

There are three types of white herbaceous peony, 3 compact white lavender plants (I ordered tall white lavenders online), 3 heuchera (the ones with the caramel-colored leaves), 4 white irises, 5 white columbines, some artemesia, lambs ears and an irresistible variegated sedum (even though I am 99% anti-sedum).  I love the colors and textures already.  To add oomph to my all-white flower scheme, I'm aiming for lots of plants with silver or white variegated leaves.  Also, as many soft- and fuzzy-leafed plants as possible.  That lambs ear is the cashmere of the plant kingdom!

On a related note, who can resist newborn heirloom lettuces?  These germinated on our dining room windowsill yesterday:

They're destined for the beach house's garden, not the roof, but I'm totally plant-centric now, so I'm sharing anyway.

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