Friday, 20 April 2012

Day two of planting

I spent an hour unwrapping a large plant shipment this morning, then went upstairs and began planting.  Three hours later, it still doesn't look like much but at least a few of plants are happier now that they have their feet in real soil and a good soaking from the hose. 

I planted one of my two dwarf lilacs.  They're both 'Betsy Ross', remember?

Both shrubs are large compared to most other things in the garden and when I opened the box they were flowering beautifully inside it.

I planted the three 'Top Hat' blueberry bushes which arrived in the mail today.  They are absolutely tiny, but arrived complete with equally tiny (green) berries.

I got the alleged climbing hydrangea 'Skylands Giant' into the ground.  I say alleged because this so-called giant came in a 3" x 3" pot.  I wonder whether he's going to take off.

I planted clematis 'Huldine' and clematis macropetalia alba.  Also wisteria 'Clara Mack', which arrived today, looking puny.  I planted my 'White Dawn' rose, which also came today. 

Then I put in 3 'O Yashima' flowering quinces.  I planted the 3 "Perry's White" Oriental Poppies that I impulse-bought at a local nursery on Monday.  (I was planning to get 3 white oriental poppies, but "White Ruffles" not "Perry's White".)  They have been looking utterly wretched, so hopefully getting them into the ground cheers them up.  Here's what they are supposed to look like in bloom:

I planted three very wimpy looking Daphne burkwoodii 'Briggs' Moonlight':

Each plant literally has 10 leaves on it.  And these are supposed to become 4 foot tall shrubs...hopefully in my lifetime.  I was a bit freaked out that the label in the pot described them as pink-flowering.  Obviously I was expecting them to flower white.  Maybe it's a very pale pink?  Here's hoping because they were hard to track down and the foliage is really neat.  (I just checked another online source, which says the buds are pink but open white.)

I planted an 'Honorine Jobert' anemone:

I planted the garden's only hydrangea (Hydrangea x Wedding Gown), which arrived in today's UPS shipment and was drying out and drooping fast. 

I planted one of the garden's two mini variegated evergreen shrubs - Thuja Occidentalis 'Konfetti:

That's really stepping out of my comfort zone, but maaaaybe I'll be glad I have it in the winter.

Lastly, I planted one of the white peonies from a local nursery.  It's a white version of the classic pink 'Sarah Bernhardt':

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