Friday, 14 October 2011

New art for the red brick building

We just bought a couple of new works of art for the red brick building.  They're graphite drawings by Kate Sullivan, one of my very favorite Boston artists.  All images of art diminish the original, but in this case it's particularly true because the computer images conceal the subtleties of her hand and that accounts for a lot of what makes Kate's drawings so magical.  The subject matter is massive but the treatment is fine, almost delicate.  Both works are very large, even in their present unframed state, and the scale on which it is realized makes her skill even more impressive. 

The scale also means that we're going to have a bit of a challenge figuring out where to hang the drawings, but I'm a big believe that when you see something phenomenal, buy it and then worry about where to put it later.  This drawing ("Locomotive at Dockweiler Germany") is five feet wide by nearly 4 feet high:

We're thinking of centering it on the wall opposite the dining room table, above the curved landing of the staircase that goes up to the bedroom level.  Our other purchase is titled "La Belle Helene" and is nearly four feet long by 3 feet high:

Depending on how we frame it, it might fit in the master bedroom, next to the glass wall.

Kate has a solo show at the Copley Society right now.  If you're going to be in Boston any time in the next month, stop by the gallery on Newbury Street and check out her work.

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