Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Basement window grilles, gaslight support and headhouse brick

There's so much work going on in the red brick building that I feel like I can't move without tripping over a worker.  Today we had a couple of carpenters in the basement building a wall around the hot and noisy air conditioning condensers and the HVAC fans, another carpenter installing the medicine cabinet in our master bathroom and working on the clothing rods in the master bedroom walk-in, a painter filling the nail holes in the crown molding on the second floor and touching up paint and plaster throughout the RBB, another painter finishing the doors to the tenants' units with clear satin polyurethane, a wallpaper hanger applying the navy blue silk to the walls in the front entryway and a pair of iron-workers installing the window grilles to protect the basement windows.  Here's what the window grilles look like this afternoon:

Each one had to be designed differently, since all of the windows are different sizes.  The iron-workers also added some support for our gas light which was moving a little too much so much in the breeze that we've been worried it might swing against the transom window and shatter.

Not the world's most elegant arrangement, but at least now that wonderful lantern is safe.

I realized that I hadn't yet posted photos of the brick-tiled head-house wall, which was finished last week, so here are a few:

I also whisked by our local architectural salvage store today with a chandelier we bought from them that's been shorting the fuse since it was installed.  It's the store where we bought our fireplace mantel, a pair of bronze wall sconces and the cremone bolt for our entry doors.  They were great about getting right to figuring out the problem. 

While I was there, I thought I'd have a look at their recent acquisitions, focusing on things we need like towel bars and toilet paper holders for the bathroom, chandeliers, etc.  I was tempted by several pieces, including an enormous mirror with a plaster ram's head that they've had for a while and which I'd previously admired but think is overpriced.  I wrote down the measurements to check how they would work in the exercise room and will see what can be done about the price if the size works.  The smallest towel bar that I liked seems like it might be too big for our master bathroom.  I need to verify that too.  What I did buy was a motley selection of old address numbers:

They're quite small: between about 1 1/4" and 2 1/2".  My idea is to use one of the 1s and one of the 2s on the doors to the tenants' units.  I can't decide whether it should be a pair in the same font or deliberately mismatched.  Then I'd like to find a way to use one of each numbers to tag our mailboxes.  In case you don't remember, the mailboxes look like this:

I don't how to attach them to the wire, though.  Maybe suspended underneath each mailbox with a loop of leather?  I'd love a cleaner, more secure look than that.

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