Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tenants' Move-In Day

Today is the day when our tenants move in.  Well, we don't know if they're actually planning to move in today but as of midnight, the apartments are theirs for the next 10 months.  I took a lot of photos last night to preserve the memory of the way the units look after so many months of labor.  It will be very strange not being able to wander through them, or take shortcuts through them as we have, especially through Unit 2's side door. 

The common entryway is essentially done: we just need to figure out where/whether to hang the mailboxes and I need to buy some jute treads to protect the painted wood treads from wet shoes and boots (they're urethaned, but still - plus they'll likely get slippery).

The silk wallcovering came out absolutely beautifully.  Unfortunately my camera skills aren't good enough to capture the beauty of the dupioni's texture and sheen.

Here's Unit 1:

The old refinished doors are amazing.  Below is the living room/kitchen, from various vantage points.

Going downstairs to the lower level, here's the bathroom:

This is the bedroom, also on the lower level:

This is the inside of the bedroom's walk-in closet.  The double doors seal off the back-lit onyx risers of the front entry staircase, while allowing access when necessary.

The view across the bedroom from the closet, towards the emergency egress door and the utility room and street beyond:

Here is Unit 2:

The kitchen and little living room on the upper level:

Then down the stairs to the bedroom and bathroom on the lower level:

Here's the bedroom:

The view towards the walk-in closet:

The bathroom, which is the mirror image of Unit 1's:

I can't believe that we're actually finished two of the three units - it was starting to feel like the day would never come.  I feel a little sad, a little deflated, but also relieved to be able to move on. 

The workers have all been focused on finishing the tenants' units for the past couple of weeks, so we've seen little progress on the carpentry and painting fronts in our space.  Today they're back in our unit, the carpenters working on the crown molding, the painters doing touch ups of the bedroom level and doing the final coat on the staircase panels.

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