Friday, 11 November 2011

One furniture purchase that didn't work out, and planning another

After more than two months of waiting, our bed arrived from Restoration Hardware on Wednesday.  What a disappointment!  I ordered the Chesterfield Upholstered Sleigh Bed Without Footboard in a velvet color called "Natural" (they also sell a "White") and what arrived was as white as a piece of paper!  And so, so giant in the room besides.  The 56" high headboard, which is a pretty standard headboard height, looms and blocks a window in an awkward way.  The sleigh part of the bed makes the whole thing stick out from the wall in a way that is less than ideal in our not-so-wide room.  Long story short: I'm sending it back and having something custom made by our cabinetmakers.  I'd like something that's more like 44" high, still tufted and with turned wood legs, but with a panel headboard that curves like this bed's headboard:

I have a piece of charcoal gray cashmere-wool blend fabric that might look really great.  The upholsterer says we'd need 6 yards and I need to check that I have that my piece is that long before I get too carried away with plans for it.

Speaking of purchases from big furniture retailers, I went to our local West Elm earlier this week to see their new turned wood bistro table in person.  It's actually very nice in real life and appeals to me even though it's a modern piece.  I think that's because it's sculptural and has natural textural and variations that make it feel unique.

I've wanted a small round table for a while, mostly for quick cozy meals with my fiance (the big expanded dining room table usually has work spread out on it).  The West Elm table is 32" diameter, which is perfect.  I could see it either in the headhouse or snuggled into a seating arrangement in our living room.  (We've been playing around with various sofa-and-chair configurations and think we've found the one we like best.  It involves buying two more arm chairs and putting this table between them in front of the fireplace.)   I'm going to wait for some kind of sale on the table, even though the price isn't bad to begin with.

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  1. Your inspiration bed is beautiful and it sounds as though custom is a much better choice. I have been going back and forth on a Restoration Hardware bed; it's their 19th c. campaign bed, which is iron. The headboard is 57" tall, though, and I suspect it will swallow up the room--seems from your experience, my suspicions may be correct. Ah well.