Thursday, 10 November 2011

Glass finials

One of the final details that we still have to decide on for the red brick building is what the caps and finials on our newel posts should look like.  The architect had produced a drawing and our cabinetmaker had subbed out turning the egg-shaped wood finials to his turner, but the work wasn't completed and last week it became manifest that it hadn't even been started and that there was a problem in translating the scale of the drawing from a 3.5" square newel post to a 5.5" square newel.  (The headhouse staircase is the former size, the other two staircases are the latter size.)  Basically, if we took the drawing the architect had done - which was for a 3.5" box - and tried to make a proportional finial for the 5.5" box, the finial would be crazy tall (8.25").  So now we're trying to re-design the wheel - er - finials. 

I went finial-hunting online to see what the options might be and came across some pretty crystal staircase finials, which apparently are/were a French interiors thing (Louis XV, I think). 

Naturally they are phenomenally expensive ($350 each at the absolute bottom, up to $650 for the fancier ones) and therefore not in our vastly depleted budget right now.  I'm not sure how they would look with our staircase and in our space.  Too fancy, or dazzling? I dunno.

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