Monday, 14 November 2011

Cleaning out the dining room and living room

We spent a few hours cleaning out the unwanted furniture, boxes and contractors' equipment from our dining room and living room, sending a truck load to our beach house.  The rooms looks a lot more like a home already, even though we're missing some furniture, don't have curtains or chandeliers, haven't hung any art and still have some building materials and equipment lying about.  Oh, and everything needs reupholstering too.  Still, I thought I'd share our second floor's current state.


  1. Salivating. Your chevron wood floors are exquisite. And I'm so tired of the whole pendant thing but I love your fixtures, teh painted brick, the white range (Viking?), the copper-clad counter. And don't get me started on the dining room.

  2. Hi Alexis - thank you for the encouraging words. It's hard to believe we might ever finish at this point...

    The range is a Capital Culinarian. Capital is a small California company. Initially, we went to a fancy kitchen appliance store intending to buy a Blue Star (also comes in white) and the store's owner, who used to recommend Blue Star as the best range (and sold more of them than any other store in New England) had recently fallen in love with the redesigned Culinarian. He showed us why and we splurged on one. So far we're thrilled with it: it heats up extremely quickly, has excellent temperature control (including a great simmer setting that stays on ultra-low rather than re-lighting every minute or two), is easy to clean, and the grill is lots of fun (haven't even used the rotisserie yet).