Monday, 16 July 2012

3 Prettiest Things: Mid-July

These Casablanca lillies are one of the prettiest things in the roof garden right now:

So fragrant. 

My climbing Iceberg rose is re-blooming more prolifically than it did in the spring (quite a few buds not open yet). 

I'm such a fan of this re-blooming thing.  Every time I water Iceberg, I think grateful thoughts.  No idea why it's so much happier than all the other roses (City of York is completely static and Madame Alberic Barbier is struggling).

This Turkish sedum (Sedum bithynicum) gets my third vote for what's prettiest right now, which might seem like an odd choice...until you notice that it has grown and spread to fill in perfectly around the brick pavers, just as I'm hoping the whole garden will.

I fertilized the garden last week and the plants have had the oddest reaction to the extra nutrients.  Some, like the silver mound, the columbines and the violets sprung up noticeably larger and lusher overnight.  Others, like the alpine strawberries had leaves that browned and seemed to die back, only to re-emerge larger than before.  I'm pretty sure it killed two of my three cymbalaria muralis 'alba compacta' - which were looking pretty decent before - and one of the new clumps of strawberries.  In the case of the strawberries, I wonder if the deep watering disturbed the roots too much.  It's pretty confusing to actually be killing things by applying fertilizer but I'm going to stay the course of fertilizing weekly (as I water) and see what happens.  The engineered soil is really skimpy on organic content and my composting efforts are going very slowly so this is the best thing I can think of.

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