Saturday, 14 July 2012

I went to Brimfield and all I got was this pot

This vase:

And this lamp:

Really, I wanted a pair of lamps the same shape but slightly smaller for the bedside tables in our master bedroom.  (Already have the shades; thanks, Anthropologie sale section!)  I love the low, squat shape of the vase but I don't think it's old or anything.  The pot is a potential gateway drug to more copper kitchen vessels (they look good with our copper countertops and pendant lights) but I want to dip a toe in the water first and see whether and how much I like using it.

Brimfield was weird: not too many really high quality items.  There was something I liked a lot (cast glass furniture legs) but they turned out to be sold (but not marked as such, so I wasted time debating making an offer).  There was a darling late 19th century original tapestry-upholstered loveseat but we don't have anywhere to put it (unfortunately a bit big for the front entryway).  We almost found a mirror for the front entryway but it wasn't totally and utterly perfect.  And so it went.  My husband and I still had a fun time and lots of good eats.  I like going there so much better with company.

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