Saturday, 21 May 2011

First photos of the wood floors in our unit

The wood flooring installers reappeared at the red brick building late in the week and began cutting and laying the chevron pattern floor on our living/dining/kitchen level.  They warned us several times that it's going to be much slower going than the work they did in the tenants' units because the pieces of wood are much smaller, need to be but at 45 degrees on both ends and are then routered at the ends so that there are tongues and grooves on all four sides.  We spent a couple of hours in an intense discussion.  First we asked which way the pattern should run (the stripes emphasizing the long length of the open space or from side to side across the much shorter width of the building).  Once we settled that question, we debated whether they should be perpendicular to the front wall of the building or to the back wall, or whether the installers should split the difference.  (Remember, none of the red brick building's walls are parallel to each other.)  In the end, we decided that they should split the difference so that the area rugs don't look so crooked at one end or the other.  Dealing with these peculiarities of the RBB are definitely not my favorite thing.  I really wish it had less freakish proportions since that would simplify decisions immeasurably.

Here's what the floor looks like now:

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