Thursday, 5 May 2011

Status update

The red brick building looks amazing.  It feels like there were a dozen guys working in there today.  The wallboarders were finishing up on the third floor and the plasterers were about half finished the second floor when I stopped in this morning. 

The wood flooring guys had also started: we had begged them to just do the kitchen floors in the tenants' units so that the kitchen cabinets can be installed ASAP.  Our reasoning is that the soapstone countertops take 4 weeks to fabricate, so we reeeeeeally need to get a jump on those if were are going to be able to install them at the beginning of June.  The 5 inch wide plank red birch looks awesome so far - they started laying it in Unit 2's kitchen.

Some of the building was even had a primer coat of paint this morning - Unit 1's bedroom - and the painter was sanding the plaster in the upstairs of Unit 1.  I need to buy some sample pots of various whites tomorrow or on Saturday and paint some swatches over the weekend

I wanted to take photos but it's totally manic in the RBB, with workers everywhere.  Hopefully over the weekend I'll have the opportunity to take some snaps.

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