Thursday, 19 May 2011

Photos of the bathroom tile in Unit 1

 I finally took some snaps of the tile work in Unit 1's bathroom.  It's done, except for the grout for the floor.  I'm planning to use a light gray.  The tub area with tub/shower valve lower left:

Below is the tiled alcove at the foot of the tub.  It's going to have a couple of glass shelves cut to fit inside.

The wall where the pedestal sink and toilet are going to be: 

The floor, pre-grout:
The blueboard at the top of the photo is the tub skirt.  We're going to have a mirror cut to fit it.  Top right is the opening to a tiny closet for a cleaning product and toilet paper stash.

The tile guy moved over to Unit 2's bathroom part way through the day.  It looks like we're going to have juuuuust enough of the 3x6 to do Unit 2, which is great, cuz I could live without another trip to the tile store and without another cash outlay.

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