Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sheetrocking and plastering

That's what's goin' on now at the red brick building.  They started in the basement last week and are working their way up.  As of today, the plasterers have finished the basement and first floor and the sheetrockers are one step ahead of them: finished the second floor.  They're working quickly and doing a great job.  It looks awesome in there, especially once the plaster is on.  (The sheetrock is a dark grey that makes everything look closed in and dingy, but the bright white plaster reflects the light beautifully.)  Here are a couple of shots from last week of the sheetrock in the basement and on the first floor of unit one:

 After checking up on the red brick building, I went to the Restoration Hardware outlet in Wrentham to hunt for bathroom sconce lighting and medicine cabinets for the tenants' units.  Mostly I struck out, but I did find a double sconce for one unit, in the correct polished chrome finish.  Fifty bucks.

 They had several interesting pieces that were alllllmost right.  The prices were great (an additional 15% off everything in the store).  I womanfully resisted the small Burlap Dome Pendant (we are considering the large size for the master bedroom) and the Victorian Hotel Pendant, which they had in the small size for a measly $475, but it was the polished nickel and we need the brass.  I did succumb to the lone standard size down pillow for another $50.  You can never have too many of those.

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