Friday, 13 May 2011

Tenants' bathroom tile and owners' paint colors

Lots of little emergencies cropping up at the red brick building over the past couple of days, mostly relating to tile, iron roof railings and tenants' kitchen cabinet installation. 

Our wonderful tile guy started work yesterday and we realized that we have dramatically less 3x6 polished Carrera subway tile for the tenants' bathroom walls than we thought we had.  The problem seems to be primarily that there's a new alcove at the foot of the tub, with glass shelves, and apparently it's going to eat up more square footage than we'd realized.  Oops.  The plan is for our tile guy to do the Unit 1 bathroom and then we'll see what we have left for Unit 2.  The stuff is expensive so I don't want any leftovers.   We're also stretching it out by mirroring the tub skirts instead of tiling them and not tiling 2 of the walls (the ones that have neither tub/shower nor sink/toilet on them.

After deciding that yesterday, I ran out and bought 80 square feet of mini-Versailles marble mosaic to go on the two bathroom floors.  Pricey but gorgeous.  Afterward I had buyer's remorse for getting a mosaic at $15.59/sq ft instead of more 3x6 at $9.90/sq ft and laying it in a different pattern (herringbone or basket weave) on the floor.  I know the mosaic will look better but they are after all rentals and I'm not sure that's an area where I should have splurged. 

On the up side, our tile guy is done all the bathroom walls except in the shelving alcove.  It looks i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e!  I will try to get in there over the weekend to take photos.  It's so elegant that *I* want to move in there!  It's so exciting to see something turning out beautifully.

Meanwhile, I helped one of our GC's guys paint some of the sample paints around our unit.  That was fun, though if I'd known I was going to be so excited that I wouldn't be able to resist pitching in, I would have worn less beloved clothes and put my hair up.  I love seeing all the pretty colors.  We will definitely need at least one and maybe two more rounds of swatching before all is said and done.  This is a good start, though, and should help narrow things down.

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