Thursday, 5 May 2011

Plumbing, plumbing and more plumbing (fixtures)

Most of my day was spent running to various plumbing showrooms, getting estimates for the items I liked.  For the tenants' bathrooms I'm choosing between the Toto Promenade pedestal sink and toilet and the St Thomas Richmond pedestal sink and toilet. 

Here's the Toto Promenade:

And this is the St Thomas Richmond:

They're pretty close in price, with the St Thomas costing about 20% more.

For the tenant's kitchens, I'm looking at cast iron undermount sinks right now.  There's really not a lot of space, since the cabinet that the sink is supposed to go into in one unit is 27" wide and the cabinet it's supposed to go in in the other unit is 30".  I've never liked stainless sinks (or stainless, in general for that matter), but since all the appliances in the rental units are stainless and stainless is usually cheaper, I thought I'd take a look.  I just can't get excited about the darkness, though, and the confusion generated when choosing a faucet.  Do you need to go with a brushed finish or do you just soldier ahead with polished chrome?   So I'm looking at the Kohler Iron/Tones for the time being.  Sort of "eh" but not very expensive:
For our unit, I dove in today and ordered the powder room's wall-hung sink.  It's the Signature Hardware Mini Caspero:

The fact that there is virtually no space in that room and that we need to fit and 8" faucet spread made it the only real contender. 

Toilets are trickier.  We need three.  One to coordinate with the Mini Caspero sink, one that's off on its own in a tiny toilet-only WC that's part of the master bathroom, and one to fit in with a vanity made from a still-to-be-purchased retrofitted antique chest.  (Hello, Brimfield Antique Fair next week!)  For the Mini Caspero, I'm thinking maybe the Toto Guinevere, which is a bit traditional, a bit curvy.  The fact that one of the salesman absolutely raved about the design of its flushing mechanism is also encouraging:

For the other 2 bathrooms, I'm eying the Toto Loyd:

 And the Duravit 1930s:

Both are majorly expensive - in the high 700s, which is well beyond what I was expecting to pay for a toilet.  I think I need to do a reality check at Home Depot.  Who know, maybe I'll just go with the same toilets I'm looking at for the rental units.

I also looked at kitchen faucets, but I'm so non-committal at this point that I won't bore you with the details.

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