Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sheetrock done; more plaster; first flooring photos

Hooray, the sheetrocking is finished.  Here's the headhouse now, with its wallboard:

The plasterers are still flying along, one story behind.  They're most of the way done the third floor and plan to finish everything on Monday.  Here are some photos of the second floor kitchen, dining room and living room area:

 It's so white and bright in there now.  Love it.

The very newest excitement comes from seeing some of the flooring installed.  Our fabulous crew is finishing up today (yup, working on a Saturday) and should have the lion's share of the wood laid in the two rental apartments.

 They're hustling so we can get the kitchen cabinets installed pronto and template their countertops.  The lead time of the stone fabrication is about 4 weeks, so yes, we're perilously close to missing our June 15th bank deadline for a certificate of occupancy.

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