Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A couple of door hardware problems

Two problems have cropped up with our door hardware.  The first is the smaller problem: it seems that the store forgot to place the order for the secondary egress doors from the tenants' units and the lock-set into the utility room, so we're short those four items.   I'm looking into that with them now.  Worst case, they'll put something cheap and temporary on the doors to pass the inspection and we'll get the items ordered up pronto.

The bigger problem with with the front door hardware, which was installed last week.  It's really important to me that the front door look *amazing* since it's the focal point of the face of the red brick building.  Hence the gorgeous old salvaged door we put in and the refinishing work we did on the transom window.  Hence, too, the obscene amount of money I spent buying a (completely custom) Rocky Mountain mortise lock for that door.  Apparently someone measured wrong or ordered wrong because this is what we've got:

So off-center!  And cutting the door's molding to accommodate it?  Really?  Looking at it makes me queasy.  I've been in touch with the hardware store to see what can be done.  Smaller backplate?  Smaller mortise?  I know it might seem like a ridiculous detail but it's going to depress me every single time I enter the red brick building, so I've got to find a solution.

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