Sunday, 21 August 2011

More plumbing completed

On his Thursday visit, our plumber did more than install the exterior gas lantern.  He also plumbed the ancient cast iron kitchen sink:

And the gas range:

Upstairs, he added the missing shower valve trim to the master bathroom:

As you can see, after three weeks of phone calls, we've been unable to entice our tile guy to return and grout the area that had to be ripped out because the shower valves had been rough plumbed incorrectly. 

The plumber stopped short of plumbing the master bathroom sink because he didn't have a brass drain (just chrome) and he also raised some concerns about the non-beveled interior of our unorthodox sink that we've got to figure out how best to address.  (Try to get it beveled by the same glass cutter who created the semi-miraculous hole?  Or add a bead of clear silicone to the interior to keep water from pooling above the gasket?) 

As the saga of the sink continues, I also ordered a new tub only set for our bathtub.  The white ceramic set which looked okay in the catalogue and which was supposed to disappear into the brick tile once we'd painted it white looks comically chunky in real life and sticks out like a sore thumb now that we've decided to leave the brick au naturel.  I went with a brass set that is supposed to match the shower trim.

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