Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lots of work in the common entry

Every day when I go in to the building, there's a swarm of activity in the common entryway (so much so that it's hard to find a moment to take pictures).  I shared some photos of the ripped out front staircase a few posts back.  Well, they rebuilt the stairs to account for the fact that the first floor of the building is about 4 inches higher than it was originally.  They've temporarily covered the steps with plywood, which is good enough to pass the final building inspection.  (Ultimately, the backlit onyx risers are still going in.)  Then they cut and installed the handrails, which also must be in to pass inspection:

Again, these are not in finished form: I'm going to have them sent out to be wrapped in stitched brown leather.  The shape is there, though: I really wanted them to flare out at the top of the staircase, curve, and wrap around.

Our carpenters also installed the mirrored panels and French doors to our unit.  Inset hinges were a challenge!  It's a tight space and the mirrors make it hard to get good photos, but here are a couple shots for the time being, taken from the inside of our unit (more to follow!):

They still need to mount the lock set and the bolts, trim out and mirror the six inches or so of space above the doors and paint all the trim gold.

The carpenters also trimmed out the area around the transom window and front door, on the inside of the building, so there's a flat, even surface to paint or wallpaper:

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