Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Yet more installed light fixtures

More light fixtures went in in advance of the electrical inspection.  Here are the chandeliers in the common entryway and in the entryway to our unit:

And here's a flush-mount star in the headhouse with its frosted cover plate:

The lantern outside the headhouse french doors.  The jerry-rigged wooden box will be painted black to match the windows.  (Maybe I can get the lighting company to make us a box out of the same metal as the back plate):

The chandelier in our master bedroom walk-in closet (hung too high - we'll adjust it):

The flush-mount in our master suite entryway.  The glass broke during shipping so we're waiting on a replacement piece with that same frosted look as the head-house's star flush-mounts:

The pendant in the master bedroom toilet cubicle:

The giant lanterns in the upstairs hallway:

The lantern in my boyfriend's daughter's room:

The wall sconces above the vanity in the guest bathroom:

The wall sconces above the vanities in the tenants' bathrooms are in too, but I forgot to take pictures.

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