Thursday, 4 August 2011

Master bathroom vanity and sink progress

The master bathroom vanity was installed yesterday.  Hooray!

Yes, you can see the brackets, but not much.  I think we should just make a decision about whether they need to be minimized more or whether we can live with some projection later.  From this perspective it doesn't look too bad to me.

I picked the vessel sink up this morning from our miracle-working glass cutter: he was the only one brave enough to try cutting a hole in the bottom of the antique punchbowl for a drain.  (Everyone else - including several other glass cutters -  was too afraid they'd shatter it.)  Isn't it awesome that he succeeded? Looks perfect!


  1. Your choices are so nuanced and interesting and beautiful. I am going to spend the weekend combing through this blog. Thanks for leaving me a comment; you've got a new reader!

  2. Thanks Alexis, and welcome! As for the choices, sometimes I think they're a little too nuanced (read: a pain in the butt to execute) but it's been a fun journey.