Saturday, 19 May 2012

The 3 prettiest things right now in the roof garden (plus more planting)

The bearded irises 'Immortality' came and went in less than 10 days (they're supposed to rebloom - we'll see), but in their stead, the Siberian irises 'Not Quite White' have blossomed:

They're one of the prettiest things in the garden right now.  I'm also very excited to see the roof garden's very first rosebud open.  It's on 'Climbing Iceberg' and there are two more buds waiting to unfurl (click the photo to enlarge):

Another plant that I bought with no buds at all but that has flowered over the past week is anemone canadensis:

So delicate-looking and pretty!  I read somewhere that it's actually very robust, though.

I dug up my rogue lavender hedge - you remember, the one that was supposed to be 'Coconut Ice' and that I was worried would have pink-tinged flowers instead of pure white ones.  Well, apparently somebody mislabeled all seven plants because they all flowered purple, just like any ordinary lavender.  Needless to say, they had to go!  When I returned them to the local nursery where I had bought them, I took a look at their latest offerings and picked up some more plants.  I planted them all today.  First off, I put in three 'Casa Blanca' oriental lillies:

I debated whether they are predictable or whether they are classic and decided that I love the smell of lilies so much that I will think of them as classic.

Then I added a rose mallow (malva moscata alba) that was extremely annoyed to be sitting in the sun in it's pot for a day or two:

In went a 'Silver Mound' artemesia.  We had tons of them in the garden when I was growing up so it feels like a bit of a cliche.  On the other hand, it's really, really soft and goes with my silver foliage scheme:

I planted five utterly adorable mini yarrow (achillea jaborneggii):

Cartoonishly pretty.  And I added three helianthemum 'Silver Queen', which is apparently a new plant and for which I can't find an image online.  It's a short groundcover with greyish green foliage and papery white flowers.  When it flowers for me I'll try to remember to post a pic.

On Friday, my replacement lavender hedge arrived from New Mexico, so I planted those 9 little guys too.  This time I went for Lavandula x intermedia 'White Grosso', which allegedly grows into a 3ft x 3ft plant:

If it performs as advertised, I'm going to have to relocate some of them and as it is, when I open the casement windows it's planted beneath, the windows will brush the tops of the plants.  Hopefully they'll be okay with the rough and tumble and perhaps even release more of their wonderful fragrance.  I really do prefer the tall lavenders (more substantial!), so I couldn't resist.

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