Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Watercolor wallpaper

Last week, I was looking through my files of interior images and came across this:

and promptly got excited about it all over again.  I love the translucent delicacy of watercolor and am intrigued by the idea of using it as a wall covering.  That said, I think the contrast between the crisp classicism of the moldings in the image above and the unrestrained shapes and lines of the mural might be what really gives the vignette its punch.  In any case, I've thought about the picture quite a bit since, and yesterday I set about tracking down a source for similar watercolor wallpaper with the thought of perhaps using it in the red brick building. 

I quickly came across the original producer of the wallpaper in the photo above: Black Crow Studios.  Here are some other images from their website:

I think the best candidate for this wallpaper is the front entry of our unit.  The trick with the walls there is that the back wall of the entryway also forms the back wall of a staircase and is therefore visible from the second floor as well - mostly the dining room but also a bit from the kitchen.  Whereas the front entry needs a lot of dramatic color and pattern (in the absence of natural light), the dining room and kitchen is all done in very pale and soothing colors.  Finding something that will make that transition well between the two spaces is the challenge.  Since all of Black Crow Studios' work is custom, I wonder how watercolor wallpaper would look in dark blue (the silk wall covering of the common entryway, which I am planning to reprise on an upholstered bench in the entryway of our unit), pale pink (the lining of the portiere curtains of our coat closets), charcoal grey (the upholstery on the dining room chairs) and cream (all the second floor curtains).  I'm tempted to go out and buy some watercolor paints and paper, then attempt a mock-up to get a sense of the effect.

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