Friday, 4 May 2012

Sexy composter for the roof garden

Okay, it's definitely *not* sexy, but I spent some time researching composters, 'cause I really want one on the roof.  I'm the kind of person who's compulsive about using up leftover ingredients, tucking them into future meals (or, let's be honest, constructing whole meals to use up stuff that's been hanging around).  So naturally I love the idea of composting: it's getting more functionality out of *garbage* for heaven's sake!  And that functionality is for the greater glory of my garden babies (read: plants), so it couldn't be better.  I love the idea of feeding them the horticultural equivalent of treats.  And yes, I plan on speaking to them as I dole it out.

I ended up ordering this Envirocycle Original Composter:

It's small (less than a 2ft cube) so it won't take up much precious real estate or loom visibly behind my plants and its simple design is about as easy on the eyes as I can imagine a composter being.  It collects the liquid byproduct of composting separately from the solid, creating a second kind of plant candy.  It got great reviews on Amazon: the consensus is that it's really sturdy and intelligently designed.  For example, you can roll it to wherever you want in the garden, then open it and shovel out the finished compost, without the extra step of shoveling into and out of a bucket.  Sounds pretty good to me.  I'll let you know how it works out.

I also ordered this functional Oxo compost bin for collecting kitchen scraps.

It's definitely not the most stylish container out there (so it will not be sitting out on our counter top), but according to reviewers its very fuss-free (easy to open, close and clean), which is what I think I'm really going to care about when moving rotting garbage into and out of it.  From past composting experience, I am a rather reluctant emptier of the compost scrap container, so I am hoping this will repulse me slightly less.

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