Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My May Brimfield Wish List

It's the first Brimfield week of 2012.  Excitement!  A priori exhaustion!  Today was the first day, but I plan to go tomorrow instead, since there are a couple of fields that I like which don't open until then.  The forecast is absolutely miserable - drizzly today, thundershowers tomorrow, rain Thursday, but I figure I just need to steel myself and go for it.

I spent some time today putting together my wish list for the show.  So far, I have:

-  Baskets to serve as cachepots for herb plants in the kitchen
-  More sterling silver flatware (especially serving spoons) in assorted patterns
-  A small opulent mirror for the powder room
-  A short, narrow shelf for the powder room
-  Many similar gold-framed mirrors to hang gallery-style in the exercise room
-  A covered container for mail (maybe)
-  A covered container for my bedside table to hold my contact lens case and solution
-  A pair of cut crystal lamp bases to go with the jaunty Anthro shades I bought months ago
-  A screen for the exercise room (to hide the weight bench and weights when overnight guests come)
-  A small upholstered bench for the entryway
-  A glittery brass and glass chandelier for the master bathroom
-  A couple of blue and white soup bowls
-  A large mirror for over the fireplace mantel
-  A high-top/console table for the garden (marble top, iron base?)
-  A side table that can be used in the garden or possibly on the balcony
-  A small antique rug for the front entryway
-  An antique runner for the kitchen
-  A full-size bed for my stepdaughter's bedroom
-  A chest of drawers that can be used as a nightstand in the master bedroom

Obviously I am not going to find all these things in a few hours tomorrow, but it's helpful to give some thought to what's missing before being barraged/distracted by the options at Brimfield.  Also, it gives me a chance to jot down the relevant measurements of the spaces so that I'm not trying to figure out on the spot if a potential purchase will fit.  Let the games begin!

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