Thursday, 31 May 2012

Choosing fabric for the kitchen pantry's curtain

Our kitchen pantry is a good-sized recessed nook with lots of wood shelving, reclaimed from the red brick building's ceiling joists.  I always had in mind that the nook would be fronted by a long curtain, in the tradition of the portiere.  (I used the same idea for the coat closets in our front entryway: I like the softness, warmth and texture of fabric especially in small spaces like these, as a change from cumbersome doors.)

For many months, I've had in mind that what would be most beautiful for the pantry curtain is a fabric that either is - or is reminiscent of - a Flemish verdure tapestry.  I came across an antique verdure tapestry at auction last winter but it was in really rough shape and still sold for a lot of money.  The ones I've seen since either aren't the right size, aren't as nice or are really expensive.  So I've been looking for a contemporary fabric that has a similar look.  My current favorite is Scalamandre's (cut?) velvet pattern "Marly".  It comes in three colorways.  My favorite is the first below, but the third is nice too:

I'm sure it's hundreds of dollars a yard, but I asked my curtain maker to look into the pricing just so I can get a sense of what I'm dealing with.  I really would like to see that part of the kitchen finished - it's a bit annoying to look in the direction of the pantry and face clutter.

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