Thursday, 24 May 2012

Balcony planters: Planted!

Last week I planted the two urns on the red brick building's balcony and I've been meaning to post photos:

I put in white scented geranium, white verbena, basil, moonflower, morning glory 'Pearly Gates' that I grew from seed and two types of sweet peas: 'Jilly' and 'Memorial Flight', also seed-started.  I spent some time coaxing the vines around the iron railing and a few of them seem to have gotten the idea.  I really want the moonflower and morning glory to leaf out across the railing and trade off blooming times, with the moonflower's evening blossoms picked out by the street and balcony lights and the morning glory smiling down on neighbors heading to work.  The balcony faces southwest and the sun gets reflected off the red brick building's facade, so these guys are going to bake.  Here's hoping most of them hold up okay and that they aren't reduced to a bunch of gangly basil by August!

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