Monday, 7 February 2011

Choosing master bathroom faucets and painting the trim of an entry door gold

My brain is exploding from hours spent trying to figure out what the look and finish of the fixtures in our master bathroom should be.  (The plumber wants the rough valves for the shower so the moment for a decision is fast approaching.)  If money were no object, I'd just get THG or Sherle Wagner and be done with it.  The wall-mount version of this THG faucet would be lovely with our 19th century English transferware vessel sink but it's $2500 so that's not about to happen:

Our contractor came by the house on Saturday morning, picked up our salvaged cast iron kitchen sink, zinc master bathroom tub and the Waterworks guest bathroom air jet tub, and brought them in to the red brick building.  Here's the zinc tub still wrapped but sitting in its intended location on site:

So cute!

Since I seem to be chasing my tail on the master bathroom fixtures, I'm going to take a break to share the results of a few hours of work on Friday afternoon and Sunday.  I tried painting the trim on one of our entryway doors gold to see if that would improve the look.  I think it does, though it's hard to capture the sheen of the gold with the camera:

Next, I want to try antiquing some small pieces of mirror to see whether that helps dull the prominence of the seams between the mirrored panels on the doors.  We have an appointment this evening at Home Depot to try to finalize layouts for the tenants' kitchen cabinets and there's a craft store nearby so I'll try to stop in and see if they sell some mirror antiquing gel on the way home.

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